The one with the random weekend in Eindhoven…day one…

What is the purpose of a weekend? The end of the working week and the start of two days of adventure, trying new things and making new memories? I think every weekend should be looked at this way and certainly shouldn’t be classed as a weekend ‘off’.

Day one in Eindhoven….

My first experience at an Airbnb and bloody good one too! 5 minutes from the airport and a short bus ride from the town. Plus my hosts were lovely! I was staying with a couple about the same age as me. A well travelled, down to earth couple who made me feel most welcome. Their house was awesome and full of cool memories they have picked up from their travels. As far as random weekend stays go, I couldn’t have chosen a better place to stay.

Bedroom in Airbnb

Street at Airbnb
Street at Airbnb
Chilled for a bit in my room when I got there as it seemed the perfect place to start my blog, whilst on an adventure. Then off out to discover the Dutch Design Week. It was pretty damn cool for an arts, crafts and culture lover in Eindhoven. Why do the Europeans do design and culture so well? So much better than the British. I started off being a bus w**ker. The transport network there is so much more sophisticated – buses, double decker trains and free cabs taking you to the different areas of DDW, they’ve got it sorted.

It’s really not that expensive to get about and so easy to do so. I hopped on the bus at the end of the road and travelled in to Strijp S – a cultural area overtaken by the DDW and actually i think it would be a great place to visit even if it weren’t a hub for DDW – well worth a visit. Visit Holland refers to it as ‘the creative city‘ and it sure is!

Whilst there i visited lots of the smaller installations as well as the Klokgebouw, which was a museum come art space taken over by DDW. Really inspirational.

Museum in Strijp S

3D Printer
3D Printer in Klokgebouw
That and the numerous pop up installations around the Strijp S area – what an area of creativity and thinking outside the box. I was really impressed. Even took some ideas back from work with the interior design creations on display…

Interior inspiration
Interior inspiration
From there I jumped on another FREE bus from outside the Klokgebouw into the City Centre. Easy peasy. By this time it was nearly 6pm, so most of the DDW locations were starting to close, so i decided a beer and a snack was on the cards. First stop was a gastro pub called Plein 4 – a kind of bar/pub which must be more of a bar to drink and dance at night. Had a snack and a beer…it’s about a 5 minute walk from the bus station on a road called Dommelstradt. Worth a visit.

Food and beer at Plein 4
Food and beer at Plein 4
Next stop – more food and drink – this time after a wander down to Eindhoven’s market square. Lots of bars and restaurants with heated open terraces which are beautiful and had a great vibe. Felt very safe on my own. Still lots of bicycles whizzing by – it’s a great sight to see. I stopped next in a bar called Grand Cafe de Wildeman. Again a great place to stop and have a snack and some food. On the wine by this time though as couldn’t go a whole day away without a glass of wine! Stayed there till about 10pm when I headed back up the town to look for a bus or taxi home. When i spoke to my Airbnb hosts, they even said that would’ve been the place they’d go if they were out for a drink…so I chose well and would recommend it!

Grand Cafe de Wildeman
Wine at Grand Cafe de Wildeman in Eindhoven Centre
As I wander back to the station, I see a little cafe still open. I thought I’d pop in a grab a bottle of drink. Easily distracted as I am, I spotted a hanging egg chair. A hanging egg chair in the city, by the station…and they serve wine. Well it would be extremely rude not to take advantage of this situation! I couldn’t tell you what the cafe was called…was completely distracted by the wine and the egg chair. Even got a pic! What a perfect end to a perfect day.

Cafe egg chair
Cafe egg chair at the station with a glass of wine
A cab from the station back out to Veldhoven where I was staying cost around €25 – I didn’t mind paying that though after feeling a little merry…

Great experience of Eindhoven at the end of day one…


The adventure starts here…

Living away gives you a lot of time to think, Time to reflect on where you are and where your journey is taking you. I’ve been reflecting a lot recently and decided that my life contains a lot of little stories, little snippets of random adventures and new things I’ve tried, done and seen…

I use Social Media as a platform to keep in touch with my friends and family, those who I may not see often, but are always in my thoughts and heart. Those people who always pop a little like or leave a random comment to make me smile on my Facebook posts, commenting that I never sit still and I’m always busy doing something. And I suppose I am….so what better way to share my adventures, my creations and culinary delights I’ve discovered…than to pen it…

Let’s start with this weekend…I’m in Belgium for work next Monday – Wednesday and was to be flying in to Eindhoven. Not somewhere I’ve been before or even looked up on a map. The immediate thought in my head…why not go early and explore? So that’s exactly what i did…

Up at 4:30am…showered, sorted, off to the airport.

Wanderfuliving selfie
Early morning selfie at the airport…

Arrived at my valet parking at spot on the time, checked in, off to get breakfast at Giraffe….a nice healthy egg whites omelette with avocado and tommies, plus a green tea. Now everyone knows i love a food pic…so of course there is one of those!! #breakfast #healthy #foodpic

Healthy brekkie
Healthy brekkie

Just checked in to my Airbnb, now off to catch the bus to the Dutch Design Week. Excited!!

Stace x